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Featured News

Gift Shop renovations progressing

Well, we aren't going to make Ash Wednesday for the grand reopening of our renovated Porter's Lodge/Gift Shop—Easter may be a more realistic date for its completion.  Mike (in photo on left) and his colleagues are hard at work painting now and the new carpet goes in next week.  Then we begin … Continue Reading...

Welcome to Holy Cross Abbey

The Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Cross was born out of fire. When the monastery of Our Lady of the Valley in Valley Falls, Rhode Island, tragically and spectacularly burned to the ground on the night of March 21, 1950, the monks of the abbey were left without a home.

While the abbot of Our Lady of the Valley, Dom Edmund Futterer, labored to re-establish his displaced community at a new site at Spencer, Massachusetts, plans developed for a new foundation. Land was found in the ... Read More

News from the Abbey

Spiritual Direction Institute (SDI) in Charlottesville

I know that a number of our readers are familiar with the work of the late Fr. Chester Michael. In 1989 he had established … [Read More...]

Prime Availability at the Retreat House as early as the Weekend of 6 through 8 March

We had been keeping a reservation for a large group from 6 through 13 March only to learn today that they would not be … [Read More...]

A Little Problem With The Heat

We're experiencing some problems with the boiler that heats the church and chapter room. Given how the temperatures still … [Read More...]

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