Cool Spring Natural Cemetery

Sacred Ground – Cool Spring Natural Cemetery is maintained and managed by the Cistercian Monks of Holy Cross Abbey where, for over sixty years, monks have lived on land made sacred by their lives of worship, prayer, and hospitality offered to all who visit. The cemetery thus constitutes a tangible extension of the monks’ life of worship, prayer, and their long tradition of hospitality.

Monks as lovers of the place have always cherished the land on which they lived and Cool Spring Natural Cemetery forms a concrete expression of this love and witnesses to monasticism’s abiding respect for, and stewardship of, the earth and the environment. Deciding to be buried on this sacred property establishes one in a unique and privileged relationship to this living monastic tradition that so encapsulates the sacredness of all life and the dignity of the human person.

And it is this sacredness of life and the dignity of each human person that is honored by a GREEN BURIAL which requires that the body not be embalmed, that the casket not be of metal, and that there be no vault. Graves are marked with simple engraved stones obtained from these same sacred grounds. Green burial is thus a natural returning of the body to the earth from which it came.

Consecrated Ground – Cool Spring Natural Cemetery is not only located on sacred ground, and has also been consecrated as a Roman Catholic Cemetery, but where people of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to be buried.

Burial Service

One of the advantages of burial in our cemetery is that you are at liberty to plan your own service according to your faith tradition. The cemetery chapel is available for such services, however, the monks do not participate in burial services or officiate at burials.

Pre-Planning Options

Burial plots can be purchased at any time, and timely pre-planning potentially relieves some of the stress occurring around the death and burial of a loved one. Given the emotional complexity of all end-of-life decisions, the monastery’s green cemetery strives to make a difficult time less difficult and to share something of the peace that so pervades this sacred land and that is monasticism’s special gift to our world.

Three Burial Locations and Two Forms of Burial

Cool Spring Natural Cemetery offers burial sites in three unique locations: The Circle of Silence which is adjacent to the cemetery chapel offers both magnificent vistas of the nearby river and mountains as well as the advantage of ease of access. The Blue Ridge Meadow location likewise offers panoramic views of the Shenandoah River and mountains and is situated below one of the monastery’s hermitages where monks regularly spend time in solitude and prayer. Woodland Rest—the third location—offers burial in the quiet, shady, and secluded environs of the woods. Cool Spring Natural Cemetery allows for traditional burials of the body as well as for the burial of the deceased’s ashes.


While funerals may take place any day of the week, the monks encourage you to plan a day other than Sunday if possible.

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The simplicity of a green burial means it does not need to be expensive. Indeed, the costs for a natural funeral can actually be less expensive than most traditional funerals.

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Cemetery Rules

A green burial is an ecofriendly and cost-effective alternative to a traditional funeral, and significantly reduces the impact on the environment. Much of what constitutes a green burial was once standard practice in this country, not the exception. At Cool Spring, it means we return the body to the earth as simply as possible.

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Cemetery Headstones

Grave markers, if desired, are engraved using local river stones and placed over the burial site. Plastic flowers and other ornaments are prohibited in the cemetery.

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